Command Line Invocation

You can run wxGlade without parameters to start the GUI with an empty project as follows:


Run wxGlade GUI on an existing project specifying the .wxg file as follow:

wxglade <WXG File>

If you only want to generate the code without starting the GUI, use the -g or --generate-code option with the language as argument as follows:

wxglade -g <LANGUAGE> <WXG File>

wxglade --generate-code=<LANGUAGE> <WXG File>

Possible values for LANGUAGE are "XRC", "python", "perl", "lisp" or "C++".

You can also specify the destination of the generated code with -o or --output option:

wxglade -g <LANGUAGE> -o <DESTINATION> <WXG File>

The DESTINATION argument can be a file or a directory.

Complete command line description:

# wxglade --help
Usage: wxglade <WXG File>             start the wxGlade GUI
 or:   wxglade <Options> <WXG File>   generate code from command line
 or:   wxglade --version              show programs version number and exit
 or:   wxglade -h|--help              show this help message and exit

  --version             show program's version number and exit
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -g LANG, --generate-code=LANG
                        (required) output language, valid languages are: C++,
                        XRC, lisp, perl, python
  -o PATH, --output=PATH
                        (optional) output file in single-file mode or output
                        directory in multi-file mode

Example: Generate Python code out of myapp.wxg

   wxglade -o -g python myapp.wxg

Report bugs to:    <> or at
wxGlade home page: <>


Use wxglade.pyw instead of wxglade on Microsoft Windows.

Parameters shown in angle brackets (e.g., <parameter>) are required.

Parameters shown in angle brackets (e.g., <parameter>) are required.