Configuring wxGlade

Preferences Dialog

You can access the Preferences Dialog with the menu item ViewPreferences. You can choose some decoration options, like whether to show icons in menus or not, but also something more effective. For example, you can modify the number of buttons in the Main Palette. If you type a value of 15 or 30, you get a long toolbar-like Main Palette. You can also choose the default path where you save wxGlade files or generate source code.

Another useful option is to enable a default border of 3 around some widgets. In many cases this can be useful to have set.

You need to restart wxGlade for changes to take effect.

Figure 1.2. wxGlade preferences dialog

wxGlade preferences dialog

Configuration files and Configuration directory

wxGlade stores user related information in a own directory. The directory is named ~/.wxglade on Unix or in Application Data/wxglade on Microsoft Windows. The name of the directory Application Data will be translated to users langauge by Windows automatically.

The configuration file wxgladerc on Unix or wxglade.ini on Microsoft Windows contains users configuration. It's a text file. Be carefully if you are changing the file manually. The last open files are listed in file_history.txt. The subdirectors templates contains wxGlade templates generated by the user itself.

The directory contains the log files also. The log files are detailed described in the section called “Logging”.

Environment Variables

wxGlade supportes only one environment variable WXGLADE_CONFIG_PATH.

If you want to store the whole configuration data inclusive user generated templates and log files in a non-default directory, then store the full path of the alternative directory in the environment variable WXGLADE_CONFIG_PATH and start wxGlade with the new environment.


wxGlade writes always a small error log file wxglade.log. The file size is limited to 100 KB. wxGlade will keep at most two log files wxglade.log and wxglade.log.1. The roll over from wxglade.log to wxglade.log.1 will occur if the file size limit is reached. An already existing file wxglade.log.1 will be deleted automatically. The log file is a text file in Unicode.

The log file location is described in the section called “Configuration files and Configuration directory”.