Reference: Keyboard and Mouse ActionsΒΆ

Tree Window:

Key/Mouse Action
Double Click on toplevel control like Frame Show Design Window Expand child items
Cursor Up/Down Navigate through tree
Right Click on Application right after loading Expand all items
Drag & Drop to empty sizer slot Move item(s) to another slot
Drag & Drop to slot with widget Insert item(s) before (new slot is inserted)
Drag & Drop to sizer Append item to sizer (new slot is appended)
Ctrl Drag & Drop Copy item(s) to another slot
F2 Edit control name (and label for some controls)

Tree and Design Window

Key/Mouse Action
Ctrl when adding a sizer/control stay in edit mode, to place multiple controls
Drag & Drop between Tree and Design Window supported
Del Remove Control from slot
Remove empty slot
Ctrl-I Insert sizer slot
Ctrl-A Add sizer slot
Ctrl-Y Re-do single property modification
Ctrl-R Re-do property modifications

Property Window

For properties with multiple lines (e.g. list of notebook tabs):

Key/Mouse Action
Alt-A Apply changes
Ctrl-I Insert entry
Ctrl-A Add entry
Ctrl-R Remove entry
Alt-A Reset / discard changes

Menu Editor

Key/Mouse Action
Arrow up/down go to previous/next menu item

Palette Window / All

Key/Mouse Action
F2 Show Tree Window
F3 Show Properties Window
F4 Show Palette Window
F5 Show/Refresh Preview Window
F6 Show/Hide Design Window
Ctrl+S Save file
Ctrl+G Generate Code

On Classic versions of wxPython, the keyboard shortcuts will not work in the Preview window.

Some more keyboard shortcuts can be found in the menus.