Custom Widget

Very often you may want to use a widget that is not supported by wxGlade.

For this, just insert a Custom Widget custom as placeholder. You will be prompted for a class name. In the Design and Preview windows, just a placeholder will be shown.

The *Properties* window for an example “ImagePanel” could look like this:

Properties -> Common:

Property “Class” is the name of the class that will be instantiated.
Properties -> Widget:

The arguments for instantiation of the class.
Usually you will at least enter $parent$ here.
Properties -> Code:

Enter the import statement here, if required.

The generated code for this example will look like this:

Import statement at the head of the file:

# begin wxGlade: extracode
from ImagePanel import ImagePanel
# end wxGlade

Instantiation of the class:

self.panel_image_left = ImagePanel(self.main_panel, wx.ID_ANY)

The Arguments $parent and $id were replaced with the required code. There are two more magic arguments: $width and $height